SONG and Sorcery

Song of the Peace-Stone

<meta />Our story begins in Staglight,

Hosting a festival proud!

Alarm Bells ring, throughout the town,

And the nobles gather round.


“The delegate and stone are missing…”

“….We need a party now!…”

“To find the stone and delegate!…”

“…and keep the peace in this town..”


A rugged barbarian steps forward,

A noble paladin behind

A canny ranger for tracking

And a druid earnest and wise.


The nobles grateful and joyous

The party sets out that night,

Through marshy danger,

Leaving Staglight behind…


Our Paladin glowed like a beacon,

Piercing the gloom with his light!

Calling a challenge to monsters

“I dare you to test my might”


Our party arrived in Blackroot,

At last civilization in sight!

Beds for rest and ale to drink,

And clues our purpose to find.


Our party parts ways for the morning

Each our own paths to pursue,

To drink or pray or commander find,

In search for the hidden truth,


A night of carousing forgotten,

And the morning to start anew,

Off we go to the Barrows old

In hopes of ending this soon,


Once again in the marshes
Many undead were found

We valiantly fought, and prevailed at last

Though our true test we’d yet to pass


Misfortune beset us on morning,

Two of our companions were gone

Like a whisper creeping through the night

No trace of them could be found


We pressed on to the Barrows

A secret entrance unveiled

And at the bottom we found a man

A veteran old and proud.


First he dueled with honor,

But then betrayal he chose

Upon his death we found the stone

And the delegate indisposed


At last our journey’s over

And now we return home

This victory which taste so sweet

Shall bring us great re-

Reagar's Readings, Day 2
Into the Marshes We Go

So I woke up in the hallway of the tavern. That was fun. My back is aching from sleeping on the damned floor but whatever at least none of my stuff was stolen. 

The morons exchanged some information with the Half-Orc. I served with many Half-Orcs before but I never seen one who can hold his grog like this one can. I don't remember his name.. I'll have to ask him when we return with the Half-Elf Ambassador who's dumb enough to get lost or kidnapped out here.

We left for the marshes and fought some Zombies. It wasn't the first time I met them and my Axe cleaved one right in half, starting from the head and making its way down the spine. It was like peeling cheese off a knife. It was glorious! The Gods of Battle will be pleased. This Druid guy, he's proving himself in battle. While frail and brittle, he changed into a bear and mauled a few of them. Almost kept up to me in battle. Almost. The others are weak, throwing little punches and dashing in with brittle rapiers like its going to do anything. A real dwarf uses an axe. It cleaves, it chops, it eviscerates. None of this stabbing shit. 

We reached the a shrine of some sort in a graveyard. The others were to shitting their pants and staying at the edge. Damned pussies, all of them. There was no signs of any enemies. Just go in and deal with shit if there's shit to be dealt with. Unfortunately, it was abandoned so we opted to rest, the bard strumming away on his lute or lyre or whatever fey instrument he stuck up his ass to carry. 

No sign of the Half-Elf.

Reagar's Reading, Day 1 (cont)
Adventures in Drinking

Myhe adhurts whatareke ys anyway that orcfaceguy was nice i like the grog he gave haha grog he gave what are keys why dont they workf or me?

Reagar's Readings, Day 1
A Character's Adventurer Log

I volunteered to bodyguard this emissary or ambassador or something. I don't really know. They promised me some action. Its been very boring. I might as well have just stayed home and patrol the mines. Get more action cleaving giant rants in two than I did here.

We got to town and this festival thing was happening. I don't really care. I stayed behind and watched the humans and the stupid elves do their little dances and celebrate their little minds. 

There was some commotion over by the church and they hauled some dumbass inside. I had doubted I'll ever see him again. He was probably as good as dead but then they rounded up all the people and told us some tragedy happened. "Finally, some action!" I had thought. But I was very wrong. They wanted to fatten and pamper and get us drunk for a whole night before going to save this guy in this shady town several miles away as the crow flies. 

My blood was raging and desiring action. I found the biggest guy there, some Dragonborn in heavy armor and asked his opinion. He had been silent all day, simply a passive observer. But Dragonborn are like me. They excel in action, in the thick of things, letting their dragon blood take over and destroy their enemies. He said little to me but he agreed that it was pointless. 

Without another word, I left this idiotic human settlement. Let them drink and get fat. There was glorious battle to be done. While they slept, I would find glory.

It wasn't long before I found an entourage following me. Seems like it was the people who volunteered to go to the settlement. There was little talk, just the way I like it. Let the battle speak for me. My axe is the most vocal part of my body.

The air was getting thick and murky and the ground became treacherous to walk on. We found a wooden path and went along that. What stupid humans.. why would they settle out here? Dumbasses, all of them.

There was battle but it barely appeased the bloodlust in my veins. Some snakes and a frog. Moradin's Piss would make a harder-fought battle. I cleaved the snake in half, and tore off a sizeable chunk of toad before it fell. It was a big one so I grabbed it. It might make a decent meal, better than the piss water they serve at these human settlements. I swear they never heard of Dwarven drinks. 

Glory was not done this day but I can feel it ahead, thick as shit on a cow farm. I may have to lead this group of vagabonds, these fairy elves and these frail humans into battle. Let them see how Dwarves take action. 


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